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how do i have the courage to open a medical letter?

i went for an ultrasound scan last week, i'm a man in my 40s with a severe anxiety disorder as well....and the letter has arrived with the results i think, an NHS letter.....the nurses who did the ultrasound scan said at the time, after they had done the scan they couldn't see anything to worry about....but i'm still scared to open the letter....i live alone in a little council flat and when you have terrible anxiety, being alone in a flat by yourself with no support network...makes your anxiety 10 times worse.

and im scared to open this letter in case they might of found something wrong with me?

so, how can i open the letter and stop being a wuss? how can i face my fear?  i'm scared of anything clinical, and always have been.

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    2 months ago
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    i would just open it , if it was that bad they wouldve called you instead

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