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Should I tell my friend to back off and leave my family alone? She's always asking my dad for rides.?

We are both 16 and we've been friends since middle school. I really care about my friend. She means the world to me. She's respectful and very loving. She has a crappy family. Her parents don't care about her or whatever she's doing. She once left for a week straight and her family never even called police or anyone to look for her. They just don't care. I feel for her because every kid needs a loving parent and she never had that. I bring her over to my house for dinner at times. She lives a block away from me so its just a 5 minute walk to my house. But I've been facing a problem with her. She just got a new job and is trying to save up for her future. She comes to my house and knocks on my door and asks my dad to give her a ride to work. Her work is a 8 minute drive and she even calls him to come pick her up when she's done. My dad seems annoyed but tried to keep his calm and thinks that she will stop in time. But its been 2 months and this is happening at least 4 times a week. She takes the bus but she says it costs a lot. She thinks my dad is like her dad but he isn't. He doesn't want to work after someone else's daughter. He told me to tell my friend to stop calling him or else he will block her. My dad have me 2 weeks to tell her and he will block her after. I'm scared to tell my friend because I don't want to break her heart. If I had my own car, I'll take her myself. But my dad doesn't want to do it anymore. Should I talk with my dad or tell her to stop? 


She has my dads and moms number. Like I said, she's my best friend and my parents feel for her too. She told me she will start walking to work in the summer. But its always cold, raining or snowing. 

Update 2:

My dad is unemployed due to some problems he's been having at his old job. He's looking for another similar job. Its been hard and my friend knows this so she thinks he's always free to give her rides. 

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    Tell your friend  because 

    she is taking it for granted and assumes that it is acceptable . You could say this : “ of by the way, my dad asked me to tell you that he can’t take you to work anymore. It is costing him too much of his time and he doesn’t want to tank more petrol. .........And, that is it. She will work out herself, like anyone else how to manage her own money and take a bus ride, or she can walk which will take her about 40 minutes.or maybe she can get a bicycle and get there in 15 minutes.. She will work it out. Your family has already been good to her and she has to learn that she can’t depend on things like,these. I am sure , you would not even do that ?

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    It's actually his problem. She's calling him, not you. He's an adult. He is responsible for his response, not you. She is your friend. We all sympathise with her. But there's no reason why you should be the bad cop. I think you should talk to your dad, and he should not block her, which would be cowardly, he should tell her politely and friendly that it's not okay for him to be her taxi service.

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    How did she get your dads number to begin with???   He should have made it very plain that it was temporary when he gave her a ride before. Tell your friend that you’re sorry but that your father cannot give her rides anymore.  

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