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What do you think about slim tea and its effects?

I have the slim tea by Hyleys. It keeps you running to the bathroom but not sure about how it works with shedding any pounds.

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    No tea will cause you to lose a significant amount of fat. It might cause you to lose excess water weight, but that returns easily (especially if your diet is high in sodium). Some teas do have slight (emphasis on the word "slight") metabolism boosting effects, but they are so minimal as to possibly result in 1 - 3 extra pounds of fat lost over the course of a year, IF you also maintain a healthy diet/exercise plan. 


    If fat loss were so easy as to drink it away with a special tea, there wouldn't be many fat people.

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    It works as a laxative it not for peeing. It does work like any other diet pill or cider you drink. Any laxative will make you go to the bathroom. You can't sit around and eat cookies and cake and not exercise but if you do that tea is a helpful. Wouldn't say scam because it makes you go to the bathroom.

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    It's a scam.  Drinking any unsweetened tea will help you lose weight if it's a substitute for sugary drinks, but that's it.  Water will give you the same benefit and cost you less money.

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    It's a scam, it makes you pee and that does not cause weight loss.

    Save your money .

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    I wouldn't want to drink fat tea.

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