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Are there names given to people who follow old religions?

For example, a follower of the old Germanic ways may be called a “heathen” today, or, “Noese Pagan”. A “Druid” may define someone who follows the Celtic mythos. Are there corresponding names for someone who follows Slavic, Egyptian, or Finnish? 

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  • Jerome
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    4 weeks ago

    If you mean man is essentially the same just labelled differently throughout all the "times"......the answer is yes.

    Or would be yes if he was left alone naturally.

    And not all this holy, unnatural, supernatural, and unholy bs put into man through orifices CONSTANTLY.....👁️

  • 1 month ago

    "Heathen" and "pagan" are largely synonymous, both synonymous with "infidel."  All are labels Christians applied and apply to non-Christians.  Druids were.  Norse were.  All had their own gods and religious practices.  Egyptians had their old gods (Osiris, et al) and then the monotheism that Ahkenaten imposed until his death when the old gods were brought back.  Egyptians were.  Many cultures around the world still have their old religion and/or gods, even if other beliefs have been mixed in.

    In other words, Christians decided every other native religion was wrong, just like Muslims and others.  They gave those followers of native beliefs pejorative names and eventually managed to obscure history in Christian-dominated cultures to the point that no one in those modern cultures know anything about reality apart from what Christianity tells them.

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