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Giuliani was sued today by Dominion for 1.4 Billion $, will they soon do the same to Donald Trump? why or not?

also, they are suing Sidney Powell for 1.6 Billion $ too. so why not Trump?

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    They probably will. Actually, they may consider retractions made by Powell and Giuliani sufficient to prove their point. Since Powell, the one they consider, apparently, the worst broadcaster of lies, is going to drag the thing out by refusing to retract until forced to by a court, they probably decided to go ahead and file the suit against Giuliani to see if he caves. They might be considering a suit against Trump as "wait and see what happens". Suing people costs money and whether they'll get any money out of it is always a toss-up as far as receiving cash damages, regardless of the probability that Powell and Giuliani will be forced to retract their lies. 

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    Domain sued Giuliani subsequent to sending the lawyer two letters cautioning lawful activity was "fast approaching," with the second letter on Jan. 10 admonition, "There isn't anything you can say or do now to fix the countless dollars in harm that you and your partners have caused Dominion." 

    The organization's democratic machines are at the core of an extreme right political decision paranoid fear that claims they were utilized to deceitfully influence the political decision against previous President Donald Trump—named by Dominion in the claim as "the Big Lie"— which there is no proof to help.

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    Giuliani is a piece of scum who is rated as responsible for 600-700 deaths on 9/11 because he insisted the NYC Emergency Control Center be in the WTC, instead of a remote warehouse in a nothing part of Brooklyn as recommended by both NYPD and FDNY.  I hope his lies bite him good.

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    It is a process known as: 'Testing the water.'

    Start with a small fish.  Show the big fish 

    how it is happening and obtain a settlement

    better than as had otherwise.

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    One can only hope!

    Hopefully Donald will be SUED by the families of those killed at the Capitol for inciting the riot. 

    That's why the impeachment and guilty verdict is important..... because he can be sued   and held liable in criminal court, for whatever the impeachment charge was. 

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    Trump is not the one who accused them, so Giuliani and Powell are the respondents.  Dominion won't win; it is just doing this to save face.

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    You haven't figured out that Dominion risks further exposure by what they did to our elections. Why is it so easy to count that out for you? The media? Yes. That's all you have. Trial by media. Judge, jury, and executioner. Courts should not be run that way. They don't need polls or general public opinion. 

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    I think they should sue the Donald too. He was lying about Dominion as well. Besides, if he is as rich as he says, he might be the only one who can pay those damages.

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    He's been out of office for just days, but is now no longer immune, so... wait for it.

  • Anonymous
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    Funny that Elizabeth Warren called Dominion illegal, easily tampered with.

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