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 Who else thinks that it is pathetic that hulk hogan whines about younger talent not liking him?

1. Yes he is a pioneer of the sport and yes he helped promote it. 

2. It truly shows his ego for him to think that everybody has to like him all the time. It is unrealistic to be loved by everybody all the time.

3. Anyone that has actually worked on developing a muscular physique and did not take steroids is not going to look at Hogan with respect when it comes to developing a particular look because Hogan use steroids.

4. Hogan snitched to Ben's and killed the possibility of unions in the WWE at a pivotal time when it could have made a big difference. 

5. Hogan has referred to wrestlers that have much better in ring grappling skills than he has vanilla midgets just because they like height and muscular physique like he does even though he took steroids.

6. Unlike other wrestlers that left the WWE to go to rival companies Hogan when he left to go to WCW and to go to TNA she literally competed and went on the mic to try to run the WWE out of business

8. Hogan had used the n word and adult video with his friends wife

9. the WWE relying on brief legends appearances to try to get a boost in ratings instead of actually focusing more on building Stars it's definitely I'm going to create anchor amongst the younger talent.

10. Hogan supported Trump . And this politically divisive time people have a right to support individuals that are aligned with their beliefs

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    You can't ask for respect.  People either respect you or they don't.  Crying about it only makes you less likely to get it.

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    I agree on younger talent not liking him but I've heard some come across as disrespectful and like they can't learn anything from him. On points 8 and 10. I get not liking political views totally agree on that. I agree with his racism, though i am of the belief that people should be given a second change and while he hasn't made amends yet, he seems to be trying.

    On point 9, does that not say more about the audience than WWE. They prefer the older legends and will tune in. Fact is Hogan and Goldberg draw more interest than Drew or Roman.

    6. He went to WCW for money and stated throughout you would never put Vince out of business. Bischoff has said time and time again, Hogan repeatedly said Vince would come back. Hogan was in WCW and TNA for the money and thats it. That's his only agenda.

    3. I agree on

    1. He's more than a pioneer. He's arguably the greatest draw of all time.

    on 2 and 5. The comments I've heard range from genuinely not liking his views (totally fine) to acting like they can't learn anything from him. Hogan realised there's more to wrestling than in-ring skills. It's about the presentation of your character from the moment you leave the locker room to the moment you get back in. I've seen him talk about the vanilla midgets (though that's actually a kevin nash line) and its less about their body and more about the fact they rely purely on their in ring skills to get over.

    Hogan got over more than anyone on limited in ring skills. From the entrance, the very simple and easy to follow stories he told in the ring to leaving. It was all about maximising the character. In the 80's he achieved more reaction with a finger point, than most of today's guys will ever get with any in ring work.

    They could learn a lot from him when it comes to getting the crowd involved. Especially considering Hogan specialised in appealing to WWE's targeted demographic.

    I don't like the guy outside the ring. However in the ring, he was a master when it comes to getting a reaction and getting people to spend money. And considering its the wrestling Business, that's the goal...

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