Proper usage of 'more often'?

When we read an article on the internet saying that some Event X takes place more often than you think. What is in the mind of the author who writes this article? Does the usage of more often implies that  

1.)the author thinks that readers of his article already think that the event takes place at a lower frequency level  


 2.)the author thinks that his audience might think that event never takes place , 


3.) both scenarios 1and 2 are possible? Similarily, can anyone tell what exactly the usage of more common and more often implies in day to day English conversations??

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    1 month ago

    "You" in this case does not refer to the reader or listener. It is used similarly to "one." Both are used to refer to people in general, as in expressions like "one never knows" or "you can't be too careful."

    So the author is saying the event takes place more often than "everybody" (or almost everybody) thinks.

    As for what "more often" means, it means the same thing it always means. It doesn't matter whether the reader thinks it never happens or it seldom happens. Either way, it happens more than that.

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    The term is generally used regarding information that literally happens 'more often' than what people would think. 

    I will give you an example, and please keep in mind, the numbers I am going to use are fictitious, I am just using this as an example. People in New York city are polled and asked how often they think someone who loses their wallet actually gets their wallet back with their money and credit cards still in it. Most people would say that probably only about 5% of the people who lose their wallet get it back, when in reality it is closer to 40%, so it happens more often than what people think. 

    although 'more common' and 'more often' are used to mean the same thing, more common would be used to tell someone that one instance of something happens more commonly than another, as in:

    It is more common for a woman to purchase boots in winter than high heel shoes.

    More often would be used in the instance I mentioned regarding the wallet. 

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    I wish I could have steak and lobster at dinner more often.

    My girlfriend said if I take her sailing we would have sex more often.

    I told my girl friend if we had more sex I would take her sailing more often.

    My wife told me if I didn't stay home more often we would have sex less often.

    I told my wife if she would learn to wash herself I would say home more often.

    Her  father told me if I didn't sell my boat I would soon see a dentist more often.

    My wife and my girlfriend now see a lawyer more often.

    And I sit alone at the bar more often.

    Now the barmaid flirts with me more often.

    But I just wish I could have steak and lobster for dinner more often.

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    Number 1. Clearly the author thinks the readers know that the event takes place, but that it's infrequent. 

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    2 months ago

    The expression is "...HAPPENS more often than you MIGHT think."

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