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Help!!! My cat has BPD??

Please help. I think I have given my cat a disorganized attachment style and I think it may have caused feline BPD. He experiences sudden mood shifts and he sometimes tries to gaslight me. What do I do????

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  • Laura
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    1 month ago

    Cats are not people.  Cats do not have attachment styles like people do.  Cats cannot have BPD.  Cats cannot talk so he cannot gaslight you.  

    I recommend a therapist, you clearly are projecting your own issues onto your cat.  

  • PR
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    1 month ago

    Cats are smart animals and need to be, due to their small size and possibility of being caught by a predator. They need to use their "wits" in the wild, and will study things with a high degree of calculation to determine safety and worth of effort. 

    Cats also like to play, and will at times be quiet, but once in "play mode" they may jump out at their person, ambush them, act like they are trying to catch you like prey, etc. If you are the cat's favorite person, the ambush behavior may be directed at you and not other people. 

    Besides that, a cat will do this if it is feeding time and you have "forgotten" to feed them in a timely manner. Cats do have opinions in regards to things like this! Opinion is: "They didn't feed me - they don't like me - I will remind them so they don't forget, again!"

    A cat may also act up if not feeling well. If your cat continues to behave in a manner you feel out of the ordinary, consult with your vet. The most telling behaviors in a cat of illness are: not eating; vomiting; diarrhea; or ACTING TOO QUIET. Any time a cat is "not acting like themselves" is definitely time to take him to the vet. It takes very little time for a cat to get quite ill, and you may not have realized they were even sick.

    Yes, cats are interesting creatures, but there is usually a very understandable reason for nearly any behavior, but you will need to study the cat as much as he or she is studying you. Our older kitten will be quite bad if she has not been fed. She will jump on me; run around and get into mischief; jump onto the fish tank; get into the pantry or the recycle bin; chase the other cats. Once fed, this behavior subsides. "Hunting mode" is a peculiar behavior shift, and elicits all sorts of actions.

    Some cats are very active "hunters" and will bite their human or be terribly wild in their play. We had a foster kitten like this and I thought I may not find a home for her. She bit my hands consistently, while playing. What did I do? I just gently put her back on the floor and sent her off to play with a toy. I would make sure I did not use my hands to play with her. She found a wonderful home with people who just adore her! I am pretty sure that once she was spayed and grew up, she settled down, nicely.

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