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How to combine counta with countifs in excel / google sheets ?

I would like to count the total number of cells that meet these two criteria:

Column A with text and Column B with empty cells. So let’s say Column A says “hi” and column B is empty, the count would be 1 

Please help I can’t find help anywhere

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    Or for your example.


    Additionally, if you mean to count NON BLANK cells in column A, use this


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    What you are trying to do is unclear. Are you 

    only wanting to count those items in A column 

    if the neighboring cell to that item is empty? 

    I would do it this way:  

    =COUNTIF(B1:B1000, "", A1:A1000)  

    The above says to count only the values in the 

    range A1:A1000, where the corresponding cells 

    in the range B1:B1000 are equal to "" (null).  

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