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My friend violently smacks her cat on each side her upper legs and bites her heavily also when it defecates outside her litter box.?

She bites her ears heavily, her tail where I can sense a hollow, as well as her paws.

She's so generous and gentle with the cat except when there are little box issues. 

The cat's anus seem to show a red mass when it defecates. The cat starts defecating very little on the bed then quickly jumps to do so on the floor, on the corner regular spot. 

Should I call the cops on her? 

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    I think it's interesting that she is your friend, but you immediately jump to calling the police instead of having a serious talk with her first? You must spend a lot of time at this friends house for the cat to be that comfortable around you and you to witness all of this, so try talking to your friend and printing out information about never hitting cats and what animal abuse is, when to take a cat to the vet, and info about positive reinforcement training.

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    Report her. This is inappropriate

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    The cat is sick and needs to go to the vet. It probably has parasites. Tell your friend to take the cat to the vet, or ask if you can take the cat to your own home. Then, take it to the vet and find a new home for it. 

    When cats have parasites, it often causes diarrhea and/or the need to defecate quickly. That is the reason the cat jumps off the bed, quickly. The cat needs to be seen right away by the vet. Once the cat is treated, it will probably begin to use the litter box in a normal manner. 

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    You should tell your friend that she is accomplishing nothing by abusing the cat. The animal has no idea that she is trying to tell it to only defecate in a box. It has no idea what we want, only what it wants. She should visit the vet to discuss these litterbox issues.  The cat might have a health issue, given what you wrote. For example, it might be constipated.

    The cat box might need to be cleaned more often as well. The cat also might not like the brand of litter, especially if it was recently changed. There is a brand of litter in some areas called Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract. It is supposed to entice cats to use the litter box.Also, she could add a litterbox to the area where the problem is happening. The soiled area will also have to be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner. Use a black light to look for hidden stains. Note: other stains that are not related to the cat also might show up.

    If your friend refuses to get veterinary care for the cat, then you can try to find out what the local Humane Society thinks.

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    I would make a report to whichever agency deals with animal abuse, and I would do it quickly.  If you can get a minute of her abuse on video, it will help the law enforcement to decide to check into the animal's welfare. The longer you wait, the more that animal is being hurt. 

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