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Is it possible to clone my SSD with this product?

Can I use a M.2 NGFF SSD SATA usb adapter on my laptop to clone everything from my original to SSD to a new one using this product? Afterwards I take out the old SSD and put in the new SSD in its place and I no longer need the usb adapter? I would do this because there's  only one SSD slot in my laptop so a usb adapter for a new m.2 SSD card is the only thing I can think off. Once I copy the entire SSD to the new SSD can I just take out the old one and replace with the new SSD with it's clone? I fear it won't work.

Or perhaps it's too good to be true? Do you get what I'm saying

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    Correct.  Once you have cloned the old drive to the new one, you can take out the old drive and replace it with the new drive.  You would no longer need to use the adaptor.  However if the old SSD drive is still in good working order, you can use that SSD drive as a back up device.  Using your adaptor, you attach the old SSD drive whenever you want to make a back up and copy the back up to it.  They you detach the old SSD and the adaptor and put them away somewhere safe until you need to do another backup 

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    Just did this using a usb/ssd cable adapter using the free macrium software.  Read the article from PCMAG about how to do it.

    Now in my case, the first time it worked.  The second time, it found some disk error and the free version does not deal with it (I read the paid version can deal with it.)  I have Acronis True Image and that had a clone option that could deal with the disk issue.  The issue might have been a feature of antivirus to block disk reads.

    I actually used that disk and booted on another system, and windows 10 converted fine.  In your case, it won't need to convert because it is the same hardware.  I even tried it on real old hardware, but the BIOS did not support signed boot and I think windows 10 is signed boot by default.  So as long as you have somewhat modern hardware, it should work.

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    If you want to Clone your Hard Drive, I recommend Macrium  Reflect (free).

    This is the web site:

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