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Can toddlers become depressed?

My son hasn't been himself in 6 weeks and it makes me sad. He used to want to get up on my lap or come lay on me while we played Animal Crossing New Horizons. Now he just seems withdrawn from us. His eating habits changed drastically and he's had more horrible tantrums than he had before. He quit trying to potty train and reverted back to using his pull-ups.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact my sister and her husband forced themselves into our lives or what, but I wish they'd leave. I'd tell them to go but this is my parents home, not mine.I know they're homeless, but get a job and stay off the drugs (been freeloading off people for over 10 years). If they started drugging again, they'll definitely get gone.I digress though. My son was doing so well until 6 weeks ago. I just want my little boy back to being his normal self again. I miss how he'd yell mommy, or his snuggles.

If he is depressed, what do I do? 😭


I need to add this. My parents never wanted us to leave. I offered when I got pregnant. 

My sister chose to leave and marry an idiot who won't work in a pie factory. They ended up doing drugs and quite frankly, I don't think they have stopped. Especially with recent events and body language. 

They freeload off everyone.

I on the other hand actually had a job, but it wouldn't be enough to pay for daycare while my husband and I worked. The cheaper was was to be a stay at home mom.

Update 2:

My husband is supporting us and I do help pay bills.

Update 3:

The one that says I should move to an apartment. With what money and why should I leave my home of 22 years? My sister only ever lived here 4 of those 22 years. If that.

In the end, I will figure it out all for my son. I'm just glad my daughter isn't affected by all of this.

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    Young children can indeed become depressed and anxious.  They pick up on the emotions of adults in their lives,  and they will react to the "climate" of a situation.  Take your son to his pediatrician to have him examined, in order to determine that he hasn't been physically traumatized in some way.  If you, your husband and your parents have all had a warm relationship until your sister and her idiot moved in, then start watching their behaviors toward your son.  Something subtle may be happening that you're unaware of.  In the meantime, offer extra comfort and support to your son and keep him close to you. If you can afford it and there is one close to you whose office is open, make an appointment to take him to a play therapist.  That is a special kind of therapist who works with young children.  A very young child often doesn't yet have the vocabulary to express what is going on, but through the use of specialized toys, he/she can act out what is happening in his/her life.  From information the parent gives concerning a situation, the therapist will then gently lead the child through some simple questions and lay out toys that might be related to such a situation.  The therapist doesn't "lead" the child from that point on, but allows the child to express feelings through playing with those toys. Often, what is actually happening will be discovered, and then recommendations can be made. You don't say how old your daughter is, and how your son appears to feel toward her.  That might be part of the equation, as well. I hope this information will help you.  

    Source(s): licensed professional counselor/licensed specialist in school psychology
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     Children don't realize their own emotions until 5 years z

     . . . . . . . . .  


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    Yes a person of any age can become depressed. Can you leave since the situations where you are seems to be contributing to his depression.  You need to get out of there at least speak to your parents about it and how serious it is for your son's health and well being. Or is there a way you can isolate you and your son from the rest of them but even if that could be done he might need therapy and online therapy does not work well for kids. 

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    Yes, your toddler is having a direct reaction to the situation.  And it is YOUR fault for making him stay in it.  YOU need to very VERY aggressively confront your sister and her whatever and FORCE them out.  You have to choose - them or your toddler.  And QUIIT with the million excuses for why you can't do anything.  IF you were a GOOD mother you would FIND a way!

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    If a toddler feel depressed without any specific reason, then there might be some relation with genes and inheritance.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    its, possible, maybe you should ask his doctor about it

  • Anonymous
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    To me, this is pretty obvious.  Your son is reacting to the chaos around him.  At 2, he's picking up on EVERYTHING!  It seems strange, but they do.  He doesn't have the critical thinking skills to understand it, and he doesn't have the verbal skills to articulate, but he is sensing a huge shift in his world and it's not a good one.  Also, these "early messages" (as shrinks call them) can last a lifetime.

    You and your husband have got to get out of there asap.  I do understand your reasons for being there, but nothing is more important than your child, and he's being damaged by this.  It sounds like the 3 of you could get an apt and then figure out the rest of it.  Maybe you could get something part time and pay your mom something to watch your son.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think you're on the right track here.  Perhaps something happened between your son and sister and brother-in-law that you're not aware of.  There are many possibilities that could be to blame, however.  Start by taking your son to his pediatrician for a checkup.  There could be a medical reason for this behavior change.  Don't wait to kick your sister and brother-in-law out.  Do it now, for your child's sake.

  • n2mama
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    1 month ago

    Toddlers go through phases, and this may be a change reflecting the new living situation that he’s under. He will likely bounce back once he adjusts, and kids are amazingly resilient. Just keep doing the things you normally do with him and be patient. I would hold off the judgmental attitude about your sister as it doesn’t sound like you are supporting yourself either if you are living at your parents house with your child.

  • Nicey8
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    1 month ago

    Hi, pls bring him to see a child psychiatrist soon. I empathise with you. Family environment can affect a toddler's mood.

    The Bible can help you. It is a manual for everyday living. 

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