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[CA] I told the wrong guy he was the child, can he get out of paying child support?

I had a fling with a man, but I knew he wasnt the father because the time didnt match up. I told him he was the father because he had more money then the other man I was seeing (who IS the father). The real father is broke an I wanted to receive more in child support so I told the other man he was the child. I told a friend but she ratted me out to both of the men. The man paying child support got a DNA test and it turns out it isnt he child and now he is trying to get out of paying child support, and is suing me for emotional distress for lying about him being the father since he got attached to the child, who is now 5. The other guy (the bio father) is also mad and is threatening to sue me. Am I legally responsible?

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    If I was him, I'd also get checked for STDs.

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    You are one horrible person to allow your CHILD to believe he had this man for a father when you knew otherwise. Evil, you are just eviI.

    You are guilty of fraud. You will have to payback the STOLEN child support money that you suckered out of the man who is NOT the baby daddy. And now, the man and the child and the child's real dad all suffer emotionally because of your GREED! I hope your innocent son grows up knowing his existence was USED for money!

    You are an embarassment to all women!

    Hell Yes, you are legally responsible.

    You should have " MAN EATER" tattooed to your face!

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    Yeah, CA is one of the few states that actually has reproductive fraud laws. However, this state rarely prosecutes even violent felonies anymore so this'll probably just end with a civil court loss on your part and you'll have to pay off the guy you tried to defraud. The bio dad can probably only challenge you for child custody as he likely doesn't have any real damages. 

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    The first guy has a good case against you for the fraud you perpetrated against him.  The real Dad is just making threats because he hasn't suffered any damages.  Get a lawyer.

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    pretty much you facing your own reflection. you harmed others and it will come full circle unto you. Repent and beg for forgiveness from those who you affected and lied to and lied about and do your best to make amends (only if you are sincere). If you are not sincere, and truly believe this world should revolve around you, then it will once again come back to bite you even twice as hard.

    You were wrong, no doubt.

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    Yes you can get in trouble.

    Steven, a paternity test actually is NOT required if the "father" signed an affidavit of paternity and his name was on the birth certificate.

  • Anonymous
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    You committed fraud.  You are in BIG trouble.  Greedy.  Very greedy.  I hope you are prosecuted to the fullest, and end up in prison.  Your child will be taken from you and you will have to pay back all of that money.  If you don't do it promptly, your assets will just be taken from you. 

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    Your trolling skills leave much to be desired.

    1. You refer to the person you falsely accused of being the father as the child multiple times.

    2. In order to get a court order for child support, you would have had to have the DNA test FIRST. Since your story is that didn't happen, any support was VOLUNTARY and getting out of it is as simple as not paying any more.

    3. This so called question is a CONFESSION to CRIMINAL FRAUD. If YOU ever see the child again, you will be getting off easy.

    Update: Foofa Your answer is about CRIMINAL charges. It is 100% irrelevant to a CIVIL case, and thus entirely meaningless as an answer to this question.

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    of course you are, you knowingly LIED to the court

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    You read to be a very evil person.  I wish those two men all the best of luck.

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