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Euro asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 3 months ago

Okay so I'm pretty sure I have a Windows 10 PC, how do I fix this blue screen?

I'm pretty sure the emulator I downloaded that I have used alot in the past caused it but when I go to safe mode the blue screen pops back up. How many ways are there to get to safe mode aside from going there from logging in and recovery mode?


So I can't delete the emulator and its files.

Update 2:

A PS1 emulator; ePSXe.

I've used it alot, I was tampering with the configuration to get the music to play in the games but the computer just decided to sh!t itself.

I'm guessing if I can delete that the blue screen would fxck off.

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    post an image of the blue screen.

    it will have a code which will help people find out what is wrong with your computer. 

  • 3 months ago

    Sorry, but without seeing the screen or knowing what this emulator is, its hard to help.

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