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Why do British films and tv look so grainy?

The cinematography in video media from the UK always seems a decade behind that in the USA. Why?

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    Not all of it looks like that.         

    I've seen plenty of British programmes on American TV with wonderful video quality.  


    Analog electronic PAL - to - NTSC conversion did have some quirky artefacts.    


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    In the days of analogue TV, British and European countries used the PAL system.  The USA used the incompatible NTSC system (never twice the same color).  The only way to convert one to the other was to stick an NTSC camera in front of a PAL screen and the results were poor.  Converting American TV to PAL was even worse.  Now we all use digital, there are no compatibility problems.

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    I don't find that to be so


    if it IS so

    POSSIBLY it is because of the transfer ("translation") of video

    from 25 or 50 Hz

    to 29.97 or 60 Hz


    from 720 x 576 resolution

    to 720 x 480 or HD resolution

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