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How to get audio from a video cassette camcorder?

Over Christmas my dad dug out some old VHS tapes of my family from 20 years ago. Unfortunately the picture was very fuzzy but we could still hear the audio of what was happening.

My dad said the vhs tapes were a copy from a video cassette in his old camcorder (Sony handycam video 8, model CCD-TR45E), I fired up the camcorder and could see the picture very clearly with the original cassette tape, so I connected the camcorder to my TV using the AV ports on the camcorder (black and yellow) to my TV (yellow, white, red).

We can see the picture very clearly from the camcorder on the TV but unfortunately we cannot hear any audio (despite there being audio on the vhs tape copy) so I'm rather puzzled.

Any support on how to get the audio with the picture so we can watch these old videos would be much appreciated, thank you.

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  • 2 months ago

    Camcorder black to TV white,     

    Sound may come from only the left speaker, or it may come from both.   

                       If that doesn't work, find someone who can help you in person. 

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