How should I approach on giving my number out?

So been working next to this restaurant for few years and would go on my lunch and order something to eat. There this one manager very cute and would have small talk whenever it’s not busy. There was interesting time where I left my food and she would walk to my job and drop it off something she didn’t had to do. Now I moved away to different site but not far. When I returned back after two months, she was excited to see me. I feel happy knowing someone actually gotten excited to see me. Even found out she lives in Philadelphia just like me, which is new. What I really wanna know is how should I go about asking for her number? Should I give her my number, with my card? Or should I ask for her number? What are ways I can say it without making it sound weird or creepy. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    There's no way to proceed without sounding creepy. 

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