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What are some simply exercises that I can do in my room, on my bed or floor to loose weight in a couple days or more?

I want to start doing simple exercises in my bedroom on the floor or in my bed before I go to bed or other times to loose weight. I don’t want to do any exercises where you are jumping, hit the floor etc. I will do those exercises in my gym. I will wear pajamas or workout clothes.

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    You "lose" weight. Loose means not tight. Fat loss happens when you consume fewer calories than your body uses. It's much easier to eat smaller portions and eliminate high calorie foods, than to workout enough to burn extra calories daily.


    Cardio exercises burn calories. Exercises you can do that don't include jumping and can be done in your room are limited to things like crunches, pushups, knee lifts, leg lefts, etc (exercises that focus more on muscle building than fat burning). 

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