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Can't older men get lost and stop approaching us younger women?We don't care for smart men or their successful careers. Why they dont get it?

I am 18 and I really hate older men trying to talk to me. It really freaks me out when a 30 or 40 something men start telling me about their money, cars, their jobs. I hate them so much. These guys wear glasses. Like men with glasses are creepy and look bad. 

Worse is some 40 years old men look 25 and when I ask their age, I feel like calling the cops on them. Yeah, I am hot but if I wanted lots of money I can just do porn and be paid to be with men that are male models  and hung like horses and make six figures. That's what we feminists like in men to look like.  Men are supposed to be muscular tall male models and hung.  I don't give a **** if you got money, work for the government, a spy, work in tech,   or come from some rich family. 


Merry Christmas: You are stupid. So you don't like older men men but I am supposed to like them? I am also fit. I am a feminist and yeah porn would pays the money to be with male model types and muscle men that are hung. I don't need money from an old man. 

Update 2:

Merry Christmas: You are dumb cause you said you have issues with older men. You just want to argue for nothing cause you stupid. And 119 pounds makes you fat. I am 105 pounds you idiot.

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    2 months ago

    For every younger gal like you, there are two who would be happy to use whatever charms they have to reel in an older dude---provided the guy wasn't a loser with no life.

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    I agree that a man in their 30s and 40s should not pursue an 18 year old female. Not because it is creepy, but because most 18 year olds are idiots, as you have clearly demonstrated. 

    Your sexual market value is high, but it is fast on the decline. And by the time you hit 25-30 many men will simply stop looking at you like they once did. And if you have been promiscuous, that will make things even worse for you.

    So the scenario will be a 30 year old used up woman that the "hot and muscular" guys no longer want. Suddenly men in their 40s who are established and financially well off will look more and more attractive. But guess what, boo boo? Those men will no longer want you because they have options. Because men are judged by their ability to provide resources, their market value will be high, while yours will be at an all-time low. So they will pursue the 18-24 year olds.

    Women's market value decreases with age while men's market value INCREASES because they are judged differently. That is the secret gynocentric females don't want to get out. Women are judged by their youthfulness and attractiveness and men are judged by their ability to provide resources. Men in their 30s and 40s are more likely to be financially established. So their options increase with age.

    A young, wise feminist like yourself should rest in the knowledge that these creepy old men will definitely stop looking at you eventually, and sooner than you think. Because your value in society is declining at an exponential rate.

    The next ten years of your life should be very interesting. Hope you are a cat person.

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    2 months ago

    Young men are not usually rich, so girls have to decide if they want money or hunky guys.  Most girls want money so rich guys often have success approaching younger women.

    Hot girls don't post on Y! Answers so you are definitely not hot.  You are young, which makes you interesting, but by the time you are 25 you won't have any guys approaching you at all.

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    2 months ago

    1. you are very conceded 2. Even I have the issue with older men I am 23 and 3. you may think you are hot but that IS ONLY YOUR thought and opinion! 4. you probably aren't as good looking as you think 5. by you saying if I wanted lots of money I can just do porn and be paid to be with men, makes you sound really cheap! And not all male models are hot, some actually are not. So get a reality check on your looks and others! It is just YOU that believe men are supposed to be tall and model built, I am sorry come back down to earth and face reality, NOT EVERYBODY NEEDS TO LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO!!! Heck they probably don't even like you, they most likely just want to get free sex from you! And you sound like a stuck up *****! Also men nor women can help if they wear glasses so face that fact too, they do sell contacts but some people has issues with them. You have too high of expectations in this world about men, and if you have that kinda feeling good luck in the real world! Edit: how am I dumb? I am 5'6" and weight 119 LBs so I am fit too! And everyone has their OWN opinion! Grow the ***** up, you snowflake! I didn't say porn wouldn't pay did I *****? Did I say you are supposed to like them? No, did I say I don't like them? No. Who put down men men? You! So who is dumb now me or you?

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  • 2 months ago

    "Can't older men get lost and stop approaching us younger women?We don't care for smart men or their successful careers. Why they dont get it?"

    Many, many, younger women actively seek older men.  More so than women looking for younger men.  There is simply no way that you speak for anyone except yourself, or perhaps a small minority.

    If some guy came on here to tell beautiful young women to get lost because "us guys" aren't attracted to them, then that guy would get an earful from most other men.  Women on the other hand seem to be conditioned through feminist social engineering to never call-out a woman who denigrates men, in any way, even if it goes against their better interests.


  • God
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    2 months ago

    You sound like you're 10 instead of 18. But whatever. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    This question reeks of troll. 

  • 2 months ago

    That's just creepy!  My daughters are your age, and won't blame you for feeling that way 

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