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Why couldn't Walter white just let Mike live?

His death doesn't make sense. Walter killed him over the list of names that mike wouldn't give him and so walter shoots him for it when he can get the names from Lydia. Kind of annoying. I liked Mike. 

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    Mike was standing up to him, which made him a threat.  And Walt's plan was to kill Mike's guys, which was a line Mike wouldn't cross.  Even if Walt got the names, once he started killing Mike's guys, Mike would come after him.  It was a preemptive strike.

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    I don't remember the specifics, because it's been long enough since I saw it, but my recollection was that Walter was in a place at that time where he was leaning into the arrogance of power.  I think he regarded Mike as a threat.  Mike after all is very smart and capable of being quite ruthless.  If Mike decided to come after Walter, Walter knew he'd probably never see it coming.

    He may well have wanted the list in the short term, but in the long term, leaving Mike around as someone who both knows Walter is Heisenberg and is smart and ruthless was a problem.

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    You do realise that this is a ww website - who is Walter, who is Mike and who is Lydia?

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