Does anybody remember this song (Also a Fifa OST)?

I don't remember what year Fifa game it was, nor do I remember the artist or song name, but I do remember a decent amount of the lyrics.

"Let's stay inside this moment, live life not ever holding back, you gotta let goooo, feel it in your body feel it when the beat hits right right. Woah...." 

"Feel The Rhythm Inside" 

"Don't want to be a bad man we just want a good good jam"

I think the singer was had a Hispanic background but did the song in English. And there was also a separate artist doing the reggae bit. 

I have found several of the songs I found during the same time I discovered this one, but have not been able to find it despite this. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me find it.


I think after the woah it says "Get up out your seat cause we're not gonna waste no time time. We'll be dancing we'll be grooving tonight."

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