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Does low voc paint cause wrinkles?

Is low voc paint bad enough to damage skin /DNA? Or is it something not to worry about (color place paint)

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    Low voc means volitile organic compounds meaning oil based solvents...that evaporate into the air. It hasn't bothered painters who are into it for years...while it was regular or even high voc's as the skin was the barrier it could not go through. For most chemicals.  There are a few exotics for exotic paints(really specialized paints) that need such reducers such as Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK) and maybe a few others that will migrate through the skin barrier and into the bloodstream to be held in the liver.

    .  Latex paint has a mold inhibiting chemical in it...because it is water based paint. That is mercury and that goes past the skin barrier  and the brain is really nasty. But they don't mention that because it is in such small amounts - like the Lead in paint.  That too collects in the body. You will be dead long before it is a skin concern - you is old and wrinkled with age.

    .  "Oil paint" was actually seed oils (those that plants produce and you EAT.  Linseed oil is Flaxseed oil but linseed is the Lower grade of Flaxseed, not fit for cooking with to be eaten.

    I don't know if Flaxseed is used in making food products.  I know Sunflower, or safflower, or olive oil can be eaten. Hemp oil can be eaten too, so less likely it will be used in paint.

    . Caveman had only water and mud or animal fat and mud to make his first drawings.

    .Big Oil wanted the whole pie so killed the oil paint industry because that was not out of the ground oil.  Those oils never dry.

    . However big oil makes plastic and "ACRYLIC" is a plastic.  Never ever was made before. Now oil paint has been banned and Latex paint is OK? Taking nearly 100% of the market share.

    Easier cleaning? Is that all they got going for them?  My outside door facing the sun lasted 40+ years with an oil based paint on it.   Latex does not have that kind of "Test" longevity results.  Normally it has to be painted again(repaints)

    .  You have heard of Lacquer?  That comes from the Lac Beetle.  So a bug makes that.  Totally organic.  Just like you...totally organic.

    Red lipstick used to come from an ant whose guts were bright red.  That is what women put on their face...bug guts.

    Red is a color.  "Or a part of painting."  Red oxide is from iron oxide(rust), lamp black is from the soot from oil lamps, charcoal black from charcoal, chalk white from limestone chalk, schit brown...they found a dirt that is that color.  Etc.  All the colors are a mixture of other colors found in nature.

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    if you type this on the search bar it might tell you

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