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Why don't girls who lie about their age never get punished?

As a teenager myself, i hate seeing other people get their lives ruined and get put on the sex offender list all because of some dumbass teenage girl lying about their age just so they can get sex like seriously, like don't punish innocent men who didn't even know they were minors, it's not their fault so why send them to prison for something they didn't know about, what they should do is charge the girl who lied about their age and not the innocent. 


Savannah you didn't get my point. I'm talking about 18/19 year olds who get in trouble for having sex with 16/17 year olds who they thought were 18.

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    It actually goes a bit differently depending on the state. First, no, nothing happens to the lying girl because she is a minor. Why? Lying as a minor about ones age isn't a chargeable offense as it is seen as a logical, rite of passage, idiotic, mundane, silly type of thing a minor would do as they have not gained the wherewithal to understand. It's the same reason the law does not punish the minor for engaging in sex with someone of majority age(adult), but does punish the adult. The law is not expecting a minor to make sound decisions on their bodies. Cognitively, they aren't mentally capable of understanding. This is why even if a minor is injured, and seeks treatment at an emergency room or is taken by an adult family friend, the ER docs must wait for parental consent to treat, unless the minor has a grave injury requiring immediate treatment. 

    Moving on....the law is trying to enforce the seriousness of all types of rape, which is why you will see statutory rape as a term used for when the minor acknowledges they willingly had sex as it is still a crime, but they were not forced vs rape which is they were forced. 

    Meanwhile, the law is saying to adults, stay in your lane. The mental capacity between a 16 and even a 21 year old is like dog years. The difference between a 25 year old and a 16 year old is even worse. If a 25 year old takes even the most mature 15, 16, or 17 year old out for conversation, the cognitive mismatch is beyond evident even if she is lying about her age. A well adjusted 25 year old should be turned off by this. 

    The law is basically there to keep guys from reaching low which is not at all hard if the guy is well adjusted and dating for the proper reasons. This idea of being tricked is often hyper exaggerated by the embarrassed man. No different than the domestic violence abuser who says I never hit her or she's lying. 

    In some states adults have protection called "mistake of fact" and if one has for example text messages or a dating profile of the minor showing the minor lied about her age to make herself legal and actively sought out the adult, the adult can be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony or not charged at all.

    I know u dont want to hear this as your question is posed the opposite, but it is not hard to date women ones own age and it is harder to be tricked if the man is dating for the proper reasons. 

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    2 months ago

    Simple solution: Don't jump in bed with people you don't know.

    How difficult is it to date and get to know someone over a period of a few months.

    Stop blaming the victims.

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    2 months ago

    You can get on the sex offender list if you get caught urinating behind a dumpster,,

    Girls don't need to lie about their age to get sex,,

    When in doubt, check it out,, if she looks or acts underage,, or even close to underage,, ask questions, check it out first.

    Don't jump in bed with girls the first night you meet them,,

    And,,,, you're not really a teenager and this happened to you,, right.

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    2 months ago

    How do they not know they're minors? there's a huge difference between how a teenage girl and a grown woman look physically. No grown man who seeks out underage girls is innocent.

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