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shopping for underwear, but fitting isn't right?

I'm 19, female, and the reason why I've always shopped in the kids section for underwear, is because im very petite. And the adult-wear where I shop seems a bit big for me. Is online the only way to get under garments that fit me? I find that its very difficult to successfully find anything that fits right when I cant try them on first..

Any suggestions for a petite girl like me? If it helps, im a size 12 in "fruit of the lume" panties (the brand).

As for bras, I don't know, I just get an extra small in sports bras cause they are much more comfortable than regular bras. 

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    Even if you're quite petite, you're not built like a child. Find a lingerie store that has sizes for small women. is one, and they have customer service people--real people, not bots--to help you find your size. Their bras go to the smallest size I've seen anywhere, 28A, and they have a selection of panties in extra small.

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    I’m not quite sure what you mean by underwear isn’t fitting right? Is it baggy? I’m confused haha. 

    Xs panties from Victoria secret usually fit petite people pretty well. If you’re worried about them fitting too loosely I would buy thongs. You really can’t go wrong with thongs. 

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