Does my mother think I want to intentionally hurt my nephew?

I have a two year old nephew, brother’s son, who is very active. I love him very much. Just yesterday I was giving both my nephew and my son a bath. I washed them both and turned the water off so I could rinse them both off. My nephew started screaming and crying and I honestly had no clue why! I checked the water that was in the tub to make sure it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t so, at this point I was clueless because he was fine up to that point. So, my mom cam in asking what was wrong, I told her “I don’t know he just started crying and screaming like that.” She came back and said, “he wouldn’t be crying like that for anything and I told her that I honestly don’t know but I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him if that’s what she was implying she came back yelling at me to saying don’t raise my voice when my voice wasn’t raised and she also said he wouldn’t cry like that for nothing, but there have been several occasions even with her when my nephew would just bust out billeting over small things like not getting a toy, getting stuck under the couch or not even being able to get the door open! She then looked at his chest and asked why it was red. My nephew is a high yellow color so I’m assuming when I washed him it became red but again he never cried or indicated I was hurting him. So, my mother and I got into a yelling match and she blurted out “oh you know what happen to him you’re just not saying it probably was unintentional but you know.” 

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  • 2 months ago

    Tell her that if she is soooooooo, concerned for your nephew, that she can bathe him and watch him.  Things happen and it's no-ones fault.

  • 2 months ago

    My bigger concern here is that your nephew has yellow skin! Yellow skin is a sign of jaundice, or in lamens term liver failure, its a very serious and often times life threatning medical condition. I think that is what is causing him pain, and that's why he freaked out, it was nothing you did either on purpose or accidentally.

    I think his parents need to be made aware of this.

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    2 months ago

    I'll just consult my crystal ball 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Obviously. 🥴 Which would probably be a good idea never to touch someone elses kids. 

    In childhood I dont remember any of my uncles and aunts bathing us. They just put us in the shower and gave us the soap.

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  • 2 months ago

    I still didn’t know why he cried like that and I was just as concerned as she was. She has made the comment before that she didn’t trust my dad around my nephew because she didn’t know if he would abuse him in anyway and also because he and my brother had their personal problems with each other she thinks my dad would take it out on my nephew but my father has done no such thing. So, I feel like she is trying to say the same thing about me or think that I may intentionally hurt my nephew because my brother and I don’t get along but I would never hurt my nephew and it hurts for my mother to even think those things. I honestly don’t think it’s right for her to do that and she doesn’t care. 

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