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Why don't Nordic men protect their women against Muslim refugees?

A lot of radical Muslim migrant men in Nordic countries rape and harrass Nordic women. Most of the rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim men, not Swedish men. Muslim jihadists are taking away women from Nordic men but still Nordic men are not taking tough stance against refugee crisis and Muslim men. In my country (India), there is a law against Muslim men who harrass Hindu women.

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    "Why don't Nordic men protect their women against Muslim refugees?"

    You haven't heard?  Feminists in Sweden have apparently stated (on behalf of all women I might add) that they would rather be raped by Muslim immigrants than saved by their own men.

    Feminists furthermore demotivate their own men from helping their own women with such statements as the following:

    Swedish Feminist Politician Says Rape Isn’t As Bad When Muslims Do It

    And finally, the giving up on women has been a long time in the fostering.  Check out this link.


    A feminist culture will eventually end up being squashed, because the men have either become too demoralized and weakened to protect their women, or because they have become so fed-up with incessant ridicule that they just don't care anymore. If Western men are pigs and “just like the Taliban” no matter what we do, why bother? Western women will then be squashed by more aggressive men from other cultures, which is exactly what is happening in Western Europe now. The irony is that when women launched the Second Wave of Feminism in the 1960s and 70s, they were reasonably safe and, in my view, not very oppressed. When the long-term effects of feminism finally set in, Western women may very well end up being genuinely oppressed under the boot of Islam. Radical feminism thus leads to oppression of women.


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    There's also a law in your country against Hindu men who harass Hindu women, yet that's still a daily occurrence. 

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    All men are trash.

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    It seems to be the most radical feminists who invited the rapists to live in Sweden. They wield an extraordinary amount of power when it comes to social justice and law reform. If Nordic men unilaterally decide to step in and protect the women from harm, then they will be labelled racists, hatemongers and misogynists. 

    Damned if you do and damned if you don't with these crazy feminists, so I guess Nordic men have given up on their womenfolk.

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