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How to cure high cholesterol ?

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    Increase your water intake.

    Cholesterol doesn't form from eating too much of it - it's one of the body's defensive functions. The medical profession needs to understand why it forms and not just treat it.

    An interesting observation shows that although they test for cholesterol in the veins, it never accumulates there - only in the arteries and main vessels.

    This is because the arteries and main vessels are where the blood is under higher pressure.

    With blood consisting mostly of water, when you become dehydrated, it loses around 8% of its water volume, thereby increasing its viscosity and acidity.

    As this thicker acidic blood is forced through the vessels under a shearing pressure, it causes damage to the tissues. To prevent this damage from peeling and causing embolisms that can go to the brain or other major organs, cholesterol forms to cover and protect the damage like a waterproof bandage.

    The medical profession treats this with medications that only dissolve the cholesterol - but do nothing about fixing the cause (dehydration). This exposes the damaged tissue to the same environment, triggering the formation of more cholesterol.

    It becomes an endless cycle that most people will stay on for the rest of their lives.

    It can be fixed properly by increasing the water intake staying properly hydrated.

    Of course, you still need to take any prescribed medication until your doctor determines that you no longer need it. And because it developed gradually, it will take a while to correct - so be patient and continue the water protocol daily. 

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    Your liver makes cholesterol. Some folks can lower the bad cholesterol by dietary avoidance of fats. Others take Red Yeast Rice, as a supplement to lower it.

    Most take statin drugs which can lower your bad cholesterol by 50-70%

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    Diet and medication. Diet alone can help it, but if it is too high, you need pills

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