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Why are beautiful women treated like crap by men and women?

Women fear them mostly but that fear turns to jealously

Men treat them as crap because they aren't slobbering all over them. Men act like they expect beautiful women to pay exclusive attention to them, but when they don't...the jealously starts and it gets downright nasty

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    Less beautiful women are jealous of women who’re beautiful. Could be because their husbands/boyfriends left them for a better looking women or even not they’re still jealous over her beauty. Because individuals generally want what they can’t have, and if they lack beauty they envy those who possess it and have to make up reasons why beautiful women are significantly flawed human beings.

    It stems from their own insecurities.. once they're able to actually get a beautiful women they suppress her dreams, attack her self esteem and make her feel lesser than she is. At the root of every superiority complex lies a firmly entrenched inferiority complex.

    Insecurity is likely to cause them to feel either jealous, possessive, envious, questioning their own self-worth, untrusting, etc. This occurs to both sexes. Beautiful women draw in a lot of attention, unwanted and unsuitable ones included. 

    Individuals who approach beautiful women are mostly either egoistic, excessively confident or simply players who are very well-versed in courting women. These beautiful women are viewed as trophies rather than human beings. 

    Average men will mostly shy away from them, self-assuming they’re either not good enough or their future lifestyles and attitudes not compatible.

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    Truly beautiful people are generally liked by all. But yes, those with only exterior beauty often do draw ire as in many cases they've never been taught that the Earth revolves the Sun rather than themselves. 

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    these strong independent women don't need protection.

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    2 months ago

    Thank you for noticing how terrible it is for people to treat woman like this, thank you for caring and for asking this question. I keep wondering why am I treated like this, I don't know why, but I know it's pointless to keep questioning it. I wish people would ask how bad is the impact is on a woman who is going through this or how to help her. It is really hard to understand what everyone sees when they look at me, because I don't see what they see, all I see is a woman that I don't recognize anymore.

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