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Even though Michigan has voted to certify their election results...have they formerly been "certified" yet?

Dec. 14th is when they do the formal certification?  can they still revert their decision if found massive voter fraud evidence by Dec. 14th?

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    Actually, you are confusing three thing which is easy to do as all three involve certification or certificates.

    First, the Michigan State Board of Canvassers certifies the election results.  That happened on Monday.

    Second, the Governor of Michigan, based on the certified election results, issues a certificate of ascertainment which is sent to the National Archives listing the duly chosen electors.  That has also happened.  In theory, the state could withdraw its current certificate and issue a new one.  However, the deadline for a state issuing its certificate of ascertainment is December 8, and the slate of electors becomes final on December 8.  So any challenge in Michigan to the duly-chosen electors would have to be filed in court and won by December 8.  If the case is not resolved by December 8, the current certificate controls.  I have not heard of any case, and, given the margin in Michigan and the lack of any evidence to date (even though multiple cases were filed) of any significant fraud, the odds of such a case succeeding are almost non-existent.  (Today, the Republican Senate candidate, who lost by a much smaller margin than Trump did and presumably is more aware of the situation in Michigan, conceded.)  The purpose of the certificate of ascertainment is to designate which group of electors are the real electors in case, as happened in 1876, multiple groups submit their votes to Congress.  

    Third, on December 14, the duly chosen electors meet in Lansing (for Michigan) and formally cast their votes.  A certificate is prepared formally certifying the vote by the electors which is then sent to Congress to be counted with the other states on January 6.  As the electors listed in the current certificate of electors are the Democratic slate of electors, there vote is pretty much automatic as Michigan law requires the electors to vote as pledged and automatically replaces any elector who tries to vote differently than pledged.  

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    Let me rewrite your question and leave out some useless words: 

    "Michigan certified the election...

    have it been certified yet?"

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