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1. "Let's give a big hand to her." or 2. "Let's give a big hand for her."  Which one is correct?  Let's give it up for her.←Is this one c?

Is the third one correct? 

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    The usual form is the second one. The first is not exactly wrong, but it really involves an interjection, an aside (to her) that is plunked at the end of the primary clause, rather than being part of the primary clause. If this is true, then it ought to be preceded by a comma for this reason.

    The order in English sentences usually reflects the speaker's idea of importance of the different parts.  English is a very direct language in this way.

    Give them something is oriented toward defining those who will receive.  Give something to them is more oriented to the thing to be given rather than who will receive it.  In the first, the care is more for the people we call "them".  the second, the care is more for there to be a thing that is given, and they are just who will be the receivers, because someone has to be.

    Thus, usually, we give HER a hand (she is the reason to give a hand, to applaud, rather than just someone who happens to be there when we applaud).

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    Let's give her a big hand.  "give a hand to her" would mean to physically hand her a hand- no one wants a sawed off hand!  "Give a hand for her" means that she's not there.  "Give it up for her" is very slangy. It's often said these days, but the expression "give it up" is vague. The standard, correct version is "Let's give her a big hand".  Some indirect objects in English can come after a preposition- some can't or have different meanings. 

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    #3 is the one that is the most correct, the other two are commonly said, but of the two, #1 would be more correct.

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    I don't like any of these. I'd prefer something like Let's give her a big hand.

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    'Let's give her a big hand' is the usual expression.

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