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If its so bad for immigrants in UK and US why don't you leave ?

If you hate the country your in then go back to the hell whole countries you came from its simple make space for immigrants that want to come here and make a life for themselves if UK and US were so bad why do so many people flee their country to come to our countries 

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    Can't speak on the UK but here in the US actual immigrants are generally pretty grateful to be here. We have the national problem of self anointed "advocates" trying to speak on behalf of others and infantilizing the very groups they claim to be championing. This is true when it comes to race, gender, class or any other sub group. 

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    Who are you ranting at with this?

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    You have evidently never been an immigrant.  It is extremely hard to leave your family, your culture and your language.  Most consider the move temporary when they do it and then find themselves stuck, women are often dragged into it by a spouse.  They are then homesick their entire lives.  By the way, most migrants are not refugees 'fleeing their country'.  You are reading too much political propaganda.

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