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Why are people fat? Can’t they just lose weight?

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    The only way to stop being Fat for the Majority of Americans is to eat what is on a 9 inch plate and Ban the 13 Inch Plate

  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    No. They can't just lose weight. Some people's DNA are meant to store fat faster and more efficiently than others. It's a survival ability that was very beneficial during our caveman years. This is in complete opposite to skinny people that eat a ton and yet stay skinny without having to exercise at all. Now these guys were the first to die during prehistoric times. Well times change but DNA doesn't that suddenly so we have to cope with whatever we're dealt with.

    Since overweight is a dietary problem, losing weight is primarily done by eating less. That's another problem. Western culture dictates we eat at least 5X a day and stuff our bellies with carbs. So why are people fat? Blame McDonald's and Burger King!

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    It has a lot to do with factors that a person cannot control, such as basic metabolism, genetics, and body structure.  Studies that track people who lose a lot of weight tend to regain it once they ease up on their diets by just a little bit.

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