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CHKDSK: Cannot open volume for direct access?

I just installed a new Windows 10 on my PC with a SSD and HDD drive both attached inside the PC. After windows booted for the very first time, I was not able to detect my HDD at all, my OS runs on my SDD drive. I tried to use chkdsk and i got the error.  I have tried to use some repair software to fix this problem but still couldn't fix it.

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    Before using Chkdsk, try using Diskpart.  Diskpart allows you to view disks and volumes whether or not they are formatted.  

    Open CMD

    type Diskpart

    type list disk

    You should see disk 0 AND disk 1.  If not, the disk is not functioning. 

    If you DO see Disk 1, this means it probably just needs to be formatted. (Before formatting be sure to back up any and all files on the HDD, disk 1, but you may need to move it to another machine to do so.) 

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    Drive empty? If it doesn't appear in File Manager/Windows Explorer but appears in BIOS and Disk Management, in Disk Management partition to NTFS then format. If it doesn't appear anywhere, replace the SATA cable then check again in Disk Management.

    If the HDD has files in it already, replace the SATA cable first before going further. Make sure the power cable works too.

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