Is it true that Covid-19 particles are to small and easily pass through classic surgical mask and N95 mask,rendering their effectiveness 0%?

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  • 2 months ago
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    That's absurd. There are many doctors and nurses right now taking care of very sick COVID patients with very high viral loads and on respirators that forces air in and out of their lungs. If masks did not work then all of them would be infected. 

    Healthcare workers have a lower infection rate than the communities at large where they work. 

    Surgical masks are not as effective as N95 worn by nurses but they do provide protection. Studies cited by the CDC in its recommendations points out citing a several studies on effectiveness of regular face masks

    "A retrospective case-control study from Thailand documented that, among more than 1,000 persons interviewed as part of contact tracing investigations, those who reported having always worn a mask during high-risk exposures experienced a greater than 70% reduced risk of acquiring infection compared with persons who did not wear masks under these circumstances.34

    A study of an outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an environment notable for congregate living quarters and close working environments, found that use of face coverings on-board was associated with a 70% reduced risk.35"

    There's more studies there.

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    It is true that each single SARS-CoV-2 virus is that small.  However, viruses do not travel through the air in that form; they are too small even to catch the wind of your breath.  The viruses travel in droplets of mucus and saliva from your respiratory system, and these droplets are big enough to be stopped by masks.  

    I must say however, that I think it is time they did some rigorous studies on the effectiveness of masks, because our knowledge is not sufficiently precise.

    But then you can't patent mask-wearing, can you?  So where's the profit in studying it?

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    nope just something a huge anti masker troll would say

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    Covid 19 is a virus. Viruses cannot replicate without first overtaking host cells. In order to get out of one host and into another, a resperatory virus hitchhikes in droplets of various sizes, all larger than the virus itself. Masks catch these larger droplets. In addition, part of the efficacy of medical grade masks comes from an electrostatic charge on the fibers themselves that draw in smaller particles that could otherwise make it through. This is part of why reusing medical masks was such a difficilt problem. That static can only hold so much. 

    Tldr; while the virus particles themselves are that small, the likelihood of a person ONLY exhaling or inhaling the particles themselves is slim, so masks do work. 

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