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Do you think my aunt cut us off because she's racist?

My dad recently found out that my grandmother cheated on my grandfather with a Syrian man and that he is the product of that. He has always been dark skinned, but and we had theories as to why this was but we never figured it would be something like that.

His (biological) half sister has always been a very mentally unstable woman who I haven't spoken to in a while because of how openly homophobic and racist she is, especially towards middle eastern people, proudly saying that middle eastern people should be rounded up and shot. She even called my mom once to tell her that my sister was going to hell because she's a lesbian. She's nuts though it seems she may have chilled out /a little/ with age.

My father tried to talk to her about his heritage to see what she thinks of it and if he can get any answers, but she just completely cut him off and won't speak to him. At first I thought that she was just processing the news of her parent's infidelity, but now I realize it might be for racial reasons. What do you think?

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    I wouldn't be surprised if she did indeed cut ties with you because she's racist. Besides, do you really need someone like that in your life?

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    It's hard to ever figure out for sure why anyone does anything. It's even harder when we don't know the people involved or the situation itself in any detail.

    The fact is that there might be many things that motivate your aunt's actions, and she may not even be aware of what they are herself. There may even be something going on that has affected her behavior that neither nor your dad know about.

    If she is mentally unstable or ill, there may not be any rational explanation for her behavior at all. She is reacting to what she THINKS is real, which may or may not have anything to do with what IS real.

    Finally, bear in mind that attitudes and beliefs have changed a lot in the last 30-50 years. What is considered 'racist' or 'homophobic' now was once the social standard of society - what almost everyone (in the dominant culture, at least) believed. You may feel differently than those who are older than you do, but that is probably more of a function of when and where you grew up rather than anything else.

    I guarantee you that in 50 years, some of the things that you take-for-granted as being true, good and positive will no longer be considered 'politically correct' (pc) by society as a whole. Does that mean you must change your views to match the new way of seeing the world? Maybe, but maybe not. "New" does not necessarily mean "better."

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    Yes, I think she might be racist.

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     Given all your added info it’d seem quite plausible zxjqf

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