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Seeing my grandpa for the first time in 7 years. HELP?

My grandpa is coming to visit my family and I (parents and siblings) for Thanksgiving. Yes, it's just him and he did get a COVID test. My grandma (his wife) died earlier this year, but I didn't really know her. The last time I saw my mom's parents was when I was 8 (I'm 15 now). My grandparents didn't agree with my parents on something (involving my younger brother), and so they rarely spoke. I am still mad at my grandparents, but my grandfather wants to spend a couple days at my house, mainly to apologize and get to catch up with my family and I. I know, it's a very odd situation. Still, I'm nervous that things won't go well or that I won't know what to say to him. I've been talking with my parents and siblings about it, and they think it will go fine, but I still worry. What do I even say to someone after 7 years? How can I not make it awkward? My parents started talking to him again over the summer, and they invited him for Thanksgiving a while ago, and I just found out yesterday. Is it normal that I don't want to see him? 

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    Hello young concerned one it's very normal to feel uneasy and unsure how to address or respond to your grandfather after so much time has passed. But if he willing to come visit during the most dangerous time during this Pandemic to try to make peace with you and the family at least try to just wait and see how it goes and give him a chance to say whatever he needs to then if you want respectfully let him know how you feel about everything on your heart and mind and maybe it can be peace love and unity back in your family. It's not always easy to forgive or forget but since tomorrow not promised to any of us and your grandfather getting older not younger maybe this time spent together can be a memorable one. Take some deep breaths keep a open mind and a calm heart and pray for a peaceful reunion. 

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