TJ media karaoke machine compatibility?


I have TKR-304P karaoke machine which has Filipino songs but the control buttons circuit on the machine broke and can't play songs.

HDD is perfectly fine as I can see the music video and everything with sounds.I just need another machine to play the HDD.I tried to order TKR-355HK hoping I can use old HDD from 304P since there are no Filipino songs on 355HK.When I open the 355HK machine, surprisingly there was no HDD inside as they use micro SD card for HDD.I have seen several TJ media Karaoke machine online but I am not sure which one is compatible with TKR-304P. By the way remote control for the 304P is compatible with 355HK.As I mentioned earlier I just need a machine to play HDD of TKR-304P.I have seen several machines look similar to the machines I have but I am hesitant to order again because I don't know if it works with the HDD I have. Also I don't even know if it's that simple, if switching HDD works.If they sell TKR-304P without HDD in good price that's the best buy for me but nothing I could find like that.Any machine can play that kind of HDD??Any good idea?Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    WRONG category.

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