Should I return an Xbox Series X bought on ebay? Or resell? ?

Long story short, told my grandma I wanted an Xbox Series X for Christmas. She had access to my eBay account because I let her use it to sell stuff sometimes.

 Anyway, she bought a BNIB Xbox series X for 880 (including tax) on my account. She used her own credit card though (which is why I didn’t know). And I hadn’t checked my eBay in a while, so I didn’t realize she did this, until it arrived at my house. 

The seller already left positive feedback. But the issue is that I had already found and purchased an Xbox Series X for retail price at Best Buy (still waiting for it though). I want to move the one from eBay and keep the one I got for retail at best buy.  

Should I try to return the one my grandma bought on eBay? Or should I try to resell the one she bought on eBay, and try to make my her money back?

I feel bad because the seller was so nice and respectful. I don’t want to claim item not as described. And he already left positive feedback, so I feel so bad doing that. And I don’t want to tarnish my reputation, or his. 

But I just want to break even, and I feel like reselling it, I will lose out. My grandma doesn’t realize she bought it so inflated, and I want to make $880 back on it. What do you guys think I should do. Return it or sell it? Ebays fees are so ridiculous, I’d have to sell it for at least 999.99 and I don’t think it will sell that high. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    WRONG category.

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