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Why don’t wrestling fans want to admit hulk Hogan has done more harm than good to professional wrestling?

All Hogan did was bring mainstream attention faster to pro wrestling. Mainstream attention would have eventually reached Pro wrestling.

The original Gorgeous George was bigger in the US in his prime than Hogan ever was. Based on the fact that for his in ring work he was earning more than most pro athletes at that time and he brought mainstream attention to the sport

Hogan was a rip off of superstar Billy Graham although plagiarizing style is nothing new to Hogan was an originator at plagiarizing style and not giving credit to the original

Hogan’s poor technical skills throughout his career in US and Japan show that if you have the look (which he admittedly got from steroids you do not need in ring skills). This mindset caused more professional wrestlers to use PED and focus on building PED muscle than legit in ring skills.

Hogan killed the push of countless wrestlers

Hogan tattled to help destroy unions that could have helped countless wrestlers

Hogan used politics to screw over many wrestlers

Hogan normalized his racist comments

Hogan’s poor business since hurt WCW an TNA


Hogan enabling Vince and playing office politics and refusing to innovate to try to offer more just shows that he wanted to milk all the money he could get from his steroid induce physique and ripping off superstar Billy Graham's gimmick

Update 2:

Based on the fact that Hogan is the most successful when it comes to hurting the business and the career of other wrestlers tells you that a Hogan has done more harm than good

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    On Hogan being an inevitability: Maybe.  The legend was always that Vince was going to either push him or Duggan as 'the guy', and Vince already had Andre and inevitably had guys after in Warrior, but that's kind of where the buck stops until the mid-to-late 90's when the biggest star in either company was still Hogan.  WWF didn't have time to wait for an inevitable.  They almost went out of business with guys like Hart and Michaels at the top of the card, and the name that nearly put them under was the very monster they created in Hulk Hogan.

    On Gorgeous George Being a Bigger Star: In an era where televisions had three channels and one showed wrestling in prime time? yeah, he was.  No one knows who Gorgeous George is today unless they're way into wrestling though.  Also, making more than 'most pro athletes' in the 50's and 60's wasn't really as big a deal as it is today.  Sports millionaires are a fairly new concept.  Even adjusted for inflation Hogan still out-draws George.

    On Hogan ripping off Billy Graham: So did Jesse Ventura, arguably more blatantly, but he didn't draw nearly as well as Hogan, nor do many people know of Ventura outside of politics, conspiracy crackery, and being in Predator.  Besides, everyone rips someone off in wrestling.  Flair ripped off Jackie Fargo, Buddy Rogers, and your beloved Gorgeous George.  LOD ripped off the Mad Max movies, and then were ripped off by others.  Sting's been The Crow and Heath Ledger.  Scott Hall was Tony Montana.  Who cares what inspiration is drawn from elsewhere if you can get it over on TV better than the original?

    On Hogan sucking in-ring in the US and Japan: He simply didn't.  He was quite good in Japan, and he's even got quite a few main event classics under his belt in the states.  The guy has psychology and storytelling that's been duplicated or outright plagiarized since he came on the scene.On Hogan 'causing' steroids in wrestling: Nope.  Billy Graham, his fabled muse, was on the gas and still encourages others to get on it to this day.  Hogan didn't invent 'the look', he conformed to it.

    On Hogan Killing The Push of Other Wrestlers: He sure did, and most of the ones that were worth a damn still went on to succeed.  Look up any list of wrestlers Hogan 'buried' and you'll find a hall of fame class of talents who still made an impact with or without Hogan's glass ceiling.

    On Hogan 'Destroying' Union Prospects: He merely told Vince the boys were planning it.  Do you think Vince would've put up with it if they had unionized? No!On Hogan Normalizing Racist Comments: He's only been caught in candid phone conversations recorded without his consent saying anything racist.  Is he a racist? definitely, but by no means was he on television in the 80's or 90's spouting off racial epitaphs between bible thumping and vitamin shilling.  Hogans Poor Business Sense Hurt WCW and TNA: No, Hogan's ego hurt both, but the man wasn't running either company.  Bischoff and Russo did far worse than Hogan in both companies with the books in their possession, not to mention Kevin Nash.  The only decisions Hogan influenced were ones directly pertaining to him, which was a power of creative control given to him by Bischoff, which was most definitely bad business.  As for TNA, they did some of their best ratings with Hogan and his daughter on their shows.  People lambaste Aces & 8's, but those segments drew numbers.  We can split hairs forever over who had more control in TNA between Bischoff and Hogan, and Bischoff will most definitely do his best to eschew the blame, but the bottom line comes down to Dixie Carter whose incompetence had her hire these two along with Russo on countless occasions.In closing, I'm not a Hogan fan.  Even as a kid I gravitated toward Sting and even Flair and Piper (both of which were way more problematic on camera than Hogan was).  He's scum, and he definitely hurt the business in a lot of ways...but so has every single top star to come about before or since.  Egos almost killed the NWA in the 50's, guys like Dusty and Jerry Lawler put themselves over HARD in their territories when there were better options to be on top, The Von Erich's being pushed so hard by their father nearly alienated a locker room and cost most of them their lives for being thrust into the spotlight so quickly.  Verne Gagne was always on the verge of his locker room walking out if he pushed his kid too hard, and refused to put the belt on Hogan or anyone besides Bockwinkel or Larry Z because they represented his style of wrestling and were respectively a confidant and a son-in-law.  Andre the Giant was a known racist.  Mae Young held back women's wrestling stylistically and otherwise in blatant and potentially viscerally horrifying ways.  The second Screwjob happened because Bret wouldn't let go and Shawn wouldn't wait.  Austin walked out because he refused to put Brock Lesnar over on an episode of Smackdown.  Triple H started dating the boss's daughter, forced his ex that he cheated on out of the company, and set himself up for a future seat at the table later down the line.  Cena's blatantly and inadvertently stifled multiple promising careers.  You can't point to an era, territory, or company in wrestling history and not find a guy or gal on top of it all that doesn't have more than a few skeletons in their closet.  The only reason you target Hogan is because he's the most successful one at doing it.

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    I bet you 99% of wrestlers who worked in the same company would thank him for making it possible to buy a home and support the families, cos every time they where on the same card their pay checks went up a lot. Hence why every time they got their schedule they would hope to see hogans name on the same card

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    hulk copied billy graham with billys permision you idiot. STFU stupid trol. 

  • You can blame a lot of people for what has happened to Professional Wrestling over the last 40 Years. Yes, Hulk Hogan has done his share for better or worse to the state of Professional Wrestling, but he is far from alone. I can't point figures at an awful lot of people. Hulk Hogan just happened to be one of the more important signings by The WWF when Vince McMahon decided to expand his Professional Wrestling Promotion nationwide. I think a lot of Professional Wrestling Promoters could have made different decisions during The 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. The Professional Wrestling Industry might have gone in a different direction than it wound up going.

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    EVERYONE in the world knows who Hulk Hogan is. More harm than good? What?

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    Well I always thought Hogan was good, I don't agree with much of what you said,

    although I didn't know about him ratting out Jesse Ventura's union scheme --- that is concerning.

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    Lol you worthless Hulk hater.

    Hulk made the WWF famous and WCW. Hes still the most well known wrestler in the world. Clearly you were born well after hulkamania and have no idea what you are talking about.

    Your points are a bunch of biased lies like a Trump hater.

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    I agree with Adam's answer. Vince always presented this larger than life characters' idea, it's no secret. The IWC and Benoit incident kinda forced things to change. Steroids is banned in the E and nowadays workrate is a more important factor among wrestlers. As for his racist comment, people seems to forget there's backstage stories of Ric Flair calling Teddy Long the N word and the beloved AJ Styles is an homophobe. Should I go into details about the fact that Velveteen Dream and Jordan Devlin are still employed? Wrestlers being **** is nothing new, Hogan's scandal just happened that it was obviously recorded.

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    I kind of agree. Hogan was the guy that helped wrestling break out of the territories and he was easily the most known wrestler globally. On the steroid issue, I think your blame is placed in the wrong place. That blame is solely at the foot of Vince. Vince pushed body guys and created that attitude.

    A lot of the issues you blame Hogan for were because he was allowed to get away with them by promoters. Hogan was good for wrestling by increasing its visibility, however the key problem is promoters allowing him to get away with his stuff and people normalising his racist comments by basically forgiving him

    Edit - Again you are blaming Hogan. Billy Graham showed steroids gave you an advantage by giving him a body PROMOTERS loved. Hogan simply gave the PROMOTERS what they wanted, a charismatic guy with a body. If Vince wanted clean guys who liked normal muscular people, Hogan would have done that. For virtually every point you had, the blame is on Vince.

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