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WS: Why do you think Juventud Guerrera is so underrated and overlooked?

A great example would be: On WWE Network, you can go down to 'superstars' and his name is not on the list. They have ALL kinds of wrestlers, past, present(Including WCW wrestlers, and wrestlers that haven't wrestled for WWE). Not to mention Juventud Guerrera doesn't get nearly the credit for the great worker, and highflyer he was, and still is. He is turning 45 tomorrow, and is probably the most skilled in the ring he has ever been. You can disagree with me, I respect that. 

I can admit that Juventud Guerrera has made mistakes, like injuring Jerry Lynn years ago(They did have really good matches together). I don't understand what happened there, but that is a different story. I just don't understand what he could have done to be in this position. I don't think WWE is going to bring him back. Is this all politics?

I respect WWE,so I'm trying to speak my mind without bashing WWE. I think they should bring him back. He wasn't in the cruiserweight classic either.

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    2 months ago
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    It's either 1 of 2 things. Either he has point blank refused to deal with WWE after he was released in which case fair enough. Or his attitude stunk so badly WWE are unwilling to promote him and therefore pay him more royalties. This wouldn't surprise me. Off what I've read he could be a real pain in all promotions and had his issues with drugs etc.

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    2 months ago

    WWE is weird and very political with their WCW picks.

    You dont see the guys on the wcw dvds or Benoit, or psychosis, randy savage, or Perry Saturn, hennig, or Kidman much.

    I'm so sick of only seeing sting, flair, Hogan, luger, and Booker t matches mostly. 

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