Break lease because apartment is too LARGE??

Signed a 2-year lease about 6 months ago.  Was told that only large apartments were available in the area at the time.  I am certain that it wasn't an up-sell situation, as the rent on the new place was well below market, and just a little more than I used to pay for a small studio in another city with similar rental market.  The new apartment is 3-bedroom, but it's actually about twice the size as a 3-bedroom detached house that I used to own.  My last apartment (the whole thing) would easily fit into the living room of my current apartment.  I've already had to clean the place a few times.  Cleaning it takes me all weekend.  I can't hire a maid, as a maid for this place would be about half the monthly rent.  Even then, it would have to be a cheap maid service.  They'd have to devote one person to work ONLY on this apartment at least one day a week, which would not be cheap.  I feel trapped.  Either I live in filth (which I do much of the time) or I spend every second of my free time cleaning.  Anybody ever broken a lease early because the place was too large?  I tried googling, but all I get is the opposite..."I gained too much stuff, or I got married and want kids...I need a new place with more space..."

I'd actually be happy to pay higher rent for a smaller apartment, but how do I get out of the lease, complaining that the apartment is too big? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you have more space than you use, just shut off the surplus bedrooms and bathrooms.  Keep the part you do use clean by removing shoes and eating at a proper table.

  • 2 months ago

    If you're in a complex, perhaps you can get management to negotiate with you for a smaller place with a new lease, without too much expense (lease break fee) and without ruining your credit. 

    Hard to imagine having too much space - maybe you could try some organization techniques to prevent clutter, then you only have surface cleaning, and just ride out the lease. 

    The Container Store, IKEA, Marie Kondo

  • garry
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    2 months ago

    you can get out of the lease , just pay it up , after all you signed the contract.same as a car have it for 6 months then takes it back to the dealer , umm it uses to much gas , wont pay the loan

  • 2 months ago

    You can break the lease any time for any reason. If your lease specifies an early termination penalty then simply notify the landlord in writing of your intention, pay rent through the final day of your tenancy plus the termination penalty, and move on. No need to explain yourself to anyone.

    If your lease does not specify an early termination penalty, then you can either negotiate a buy out with the landlord and get the agreement in writing, or you simply pay the monthly rent until a new tenant is found. You can speed up that process by advertising the unit and bringing replacement tenants to the landlord.

    Breaking a lease is not a wrongdoing, its just an alternative way of fulfilling your end of a contract. Having a good excuse for breaking your lease doesn't exempt you from the financial costs.

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  • 2 months ago

    Er, no - there's no way of breaking a lease because it takes you too long to clean. 

  • 2 months ago

    You could buy out your lease and get out early. Other than that, you have no legal rights

  • 2 months ago

    You rented the apartment and signed a binding lease. I live in a 6 room condo with two floors and a basement and am happy with it. There's no way that I have to spend an entire weekend cleaning it. I think you're merely a lazy complainer.

  • 2 months ago

    I have a novel idea...every time you use something, put it back in its place. 

    Cook, eat, clean up.

    Dress, undress, use hamper, then clean laundry.

    Take 5 minutes a day to tidy bathroom and clean toilet one day, then sink another day, shower/tub another day, floor another day, so it is always clean.

    If you are a slob in a three bedroom house, you will be a slob in a studio apartment. The size of the residence is not the issue, being lazy is the issue.

    Troll on...

  • 2 months ago

    I have heard of first-world problems, but this one really takes the cake. Too BIG--and under market price?  Man--you need a hobby. I suggest cleaning. It can take up a lot of your day and it will be a productive way to spend your time rather than asking questions like this on Yahoo. 

  • 2 months ago

    Just move out and tell the criminal landlord to go to hell. Collecting rent for profit is extortion and landlords need to be stopped and sent straight to jail, no exceptions.

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    I live in a 4 bed house. Why are you so dirty? I keep the place tidy and clean toilets at the weekend and hoover.

    Are you throwing food on the floor?

    This sounds quite bizarre.

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