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17 year old travelling alone to nyc?

Hey guys, my 17 year old child is planning to visit NYC for a few months to spend Christmas with her friend. I won’t be coming with her on this trip, so I was just wondering what she needs to pass the US border alone? Will I have to state whose picking her up, as it might be her 17 year old friend! 

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    2 months ago

    How is she traveling?  Land borders between the US and both Mexico and Canada are closed to non-essential travel at least through Dec 21.  She would be allowed to fly - non-essential air travel is permitted, but not advised.  However, she would have to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival, or provide a negative COVID test.

    You will need to provide written permission for her to leave the country without you.  You need to provide the name of an ADULT who will be responsible for her while in the country.  Check with the airline you are using to make sure there are not additional requirements.

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    If you and your 17 year old are not citizens or residents of the US, you WILL NOT be allowed to enter for any kind of pleasure trip.

    The pandemic is exploding in the US right now. Coming to the US for pleasure right now is utterly bonkers.

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    ...which border? (the US has 2; you could be in Canada or Mexico)

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    Yes, you'll have to state who's picking her up, in a letter giving permission from both parents for your child to travel alone, with contact info for those parents, and it has to be an adult who picks her up. Doesn't this 17 year old in NYC have parents?

    Google 'child travel consent letter usa'

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    Are you overseas? I live in NYC, so prepare to have to possibly quarantine. Cases are going up here and De Blasio is considering a closure if it gets any higher. Christmas is next month so why does she need to spend a few months here? There won't be a NYE ball drop celebration in Times Square. Can she visit until New Years and leave after that? I just think you should realize that we have so many things going on. Socially, bars are open but there is social distancing that is required. Also, masks. It's getting colder. The subway is safe and cleaned between 1 am to 5 am. Crime here is going up, so make sure she has mace on her.

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