Is it just me or have you ever walked by any monument, park, or important place in NYC and got interested in knowing more about it?

Honesty is appreciated, it is for a college project!


Why or why not? Honesty is greatly appreciated!

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  • 2 months ago

    Often happens.  I want to know the origin of the names of streets I've lived on, old features of parks (I lived across the street from where the Dutch bought Manhattan, and next to an outcropping of Cretaceous sandstone), why some buildings had a gargoyle (joke:  why not a garboyle for the gargoyle), fun features.

  • 2 months ago

    well, of course........Central Park is loaded with statues, from one end to the other........... and each one is there for a reason and tells a story. 

    There are also buildings that have a fascinating history. 

    I remember a construction site was halted once,  because they found an old Indian burial ground, under the building they were tearing down, to put up some bigger skyscraper.   Apparently the original building just paved it over, and built right on top of it........but the bigger skyscraper needed deeper and better foundations...... and they started   digging up all these graves. 

    New York has an endless and fascinating history. 

    There's even a great Book,   called simply  "New York"  and it contains the entire history of New York, from the earliest Dutch settlers....right up to  9/11.  

    Chock full of interesting stories and tidbits that even I, as a Native  New Yorker did not know.    Why certain things are called what they are............Bridges, tunnels,  parks,  Buildings..... it was a fascinating read.                     

  • 3 months ago

    Yes, I have and not only in New York city but other cities around the world as well. One example was the Giuseppe Garibaldi Statue in Washington Square park. I hadn't realized that he ever lived in New York.

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    3 months ago

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    3 months ago

    i dont think its just you, i used to live in nyc

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