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Hiring a writer to write a comic with your vision?

A question for authors - or people experienced in the field. 

I am looking to develop my own comic series. I have developed a series of characters with their own backstory, origin and biography. 

To bring this to life, is it possible to hire a professional writer to write a story in my vision? How would one go about locating someone like this?


Considering I’m hiring graphic artists, yes - I can afford to bring on a writer. I’m not so much as concerned with cost, as I am finding people to delegate specific tasks

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    If you google "comic book writer for hire", you'll get a lot of hits from upwork and other sites. All you have to do then is to do your research and contact the writer that you feel meets your requirements.

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    Hi Judas, great question, and good call going anonymous. 

    I'm looking to hire an architect and a builder. You see, I have this brilliant idea for a house and I think it'd be totally worth it to hire an architect and a builder to make my dream a reality. I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why a professional architect and a master craftsman might be even remotely interested in this project. Well, because my idea is indescribably phenomenal. We're talking sunken living room, wet kitchen, secret passageways accessed via doors hidden behind grandfather clocks, flying buttresses, open floor plan, the works. Of course, money is no object. 

    Do you have any idea how I might go about locating people like that?

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    Why not go "all the way" and hire someone to develop the characters as well, you silly sod?

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    Possible? Sure. But it's not going to be cheap. A professional writer worth their salt will expect to be paid pro rates, likely thousands. Can you afford that? If not, your best bet would be to learn to write well and do it yourself.

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