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Why should I kowtow to somebody's hatred of Authority?

A general manager runs the business, and calls the plays..

I just got done doing a job position that doesn't exist..

And the GM got fired today for hiring me for that position..

Prep work in the prep kitchen.

Why ?

Because my GM told me to..

If it's against policy.. Which in this case it is..

SHE'S fired not I..

I am being trained to cook in the restaurant kitchen.

And SHE... Not I... Can go job hunting...

While I... Gain a resume and job skills.

SHE...not I....cost the business $2,000...

I went to work everyday.

I didn't complain.

I earned my keep.

I helped the business function.

I did my job even though my job title didn't exist.

See ?

Now while you go live on skid row because you hate authority..

I go to work and make money.


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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You shouldn't.  Don't hold your breath while waiting to be trained as a chef.

  • 3 weeks ago

    What are you asking?

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