Home insurance claim for flooded kitchen?

The city turned on my water in my home while i wasnt there (which is against their policy) and i also asked the clerk to annotate a note not to turn my water which she did do. I asked this because my sink was disconnected and i took my sink out without shutting the water off because it was already off when the tenants moved out.

They put a work order in at 1 and i got home at 7 and well..water was shooting everywhere and water was allllll in my kitchen and behind the cabinets. I explained to the city i would try to do the repairs myself but after taking my countertops off and starting with the cabinets i realized i couldnt do it. 

Will the insurance asses the damage to the countertops that i already took off? The cabinets i barely touched but i removed the countertops bc i was gonna remove the cabinets too. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Can you kinda prop it back up there so its not that obvious what damage you did? Even if you can't, assuming you didn't destroy a perfectly good countertop and that it would've had to be removed anyhow, you are probably ok, but maybe an insurance adjuster looking for a reason to deny your claim could use this though I doubt a court would allow them to reduce your payment to much for this. 

  • 1 month ago

    hey ace, your reasoning makes NO SENSE,  you still needed to turn off the valve even though there currently was no service.

    if you have no proof the water damaged the counters, you won't get them covered...did you save them/take pics.

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