Why is it almost always men who end up as introverts, loners etc?

I've noticed that women almost always seem to mingle in to any group that they are thrown in to. It seems that people are much more likely to introduce themselves to women/girls that they never talked to to get to know them than to men(unless you are famous or something).

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Three words:  Crazy, cat, lady.  A stereotype but one which refutes your claim, as there are many such people, and also women tend to outlive their male partners.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    All the woman has to do is say: Yes. Mom taught these men that sex is dirty, that they are unattractive. No woman wants them, unless she wants a father for her son.

  • Hayley
    Lv 4
    3 weeks ago

    Some women are introverted and loners. You do not notice that due to how introverts and loners act.

  • 4 weeks ago

    That's different,  men are condemned for having close relations, or friendships, with other men while women are not.

    When men have close relations with one another, it's often interpreted as strange and not very masculine because men are expected to be emotionless.

    How would you react to two grown men having a close friendship? Most people would jump to the assumption that they are "gay."

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  • 4 weeks ago

    One reason men tend to be loners and out casts more than women is because men are able to handle being alone, while women are more prone to need friends to feel happy. Another reason is that men are more likely to see certain things about society and social rules and hate them, withdrawing from them, finding comfort in other things, instead of following rules to make friends, to not be lonely.

    I noticed how women started acting self-destructive, when I talk to them about their problems, because they are lonely. Women can not really handle loneliness, compared with men, so women are more willing to give up their personal identities and conform, while men do not conform, because they want to do the things that they want to do, and are easily willing to give up friends and being accepted.

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Women and girls tend to have better verbal communication skills than men and boys. They also usually have higher emotional IQ meaning they're better at picking up non verbal cues. But you're correct in that women will more readily approach other women. This is because too often when they approach men those men jump to the assumption that they're open to dating, when in fact that's almost never the case.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That's not true at all...it depends

    Women are and sometimes just as a loner, outcast as men. It's just that women may appear to be sociable, because many women are fake. The women who aren't fake and/or beautiful aren't accepted into social groups.

    Most men are genuine about their feelings. That's probably why they aren't as approachable. I am a woman, and personally fake people is a turnoff. Because these people aren't trustworthy with their feelings, why would I trust them??? Most men find that intimidating in women.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Introvert and loner and two different things. Male introverts sure don’t outnumber female introverts. I get what you mean about males and loneliness. Females don’t even need to be verbal, barely attractive ones have tons of social support etc. I want to change the culture. On the other hand, females aren’t exactly happier then males when it comes to their social lives. They’re notorious for having fake friendships, gossiping and pretending to like people they hate. I mixed with multiple female friendship circles when at college/work/housing and they would often rip into one another as soon as one left the room. Probably did it to me too. 

    I’d rather be a loner. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Men feel so sorry for themselves all the time

  • 4 weeks ago

    Women are naturally more verbal, and hence social.  They have way more synapses firing in the speech part of their brain.  Guys, on the other hand, are basically non-verbal. They can usually get their point across with a nod or a wink. Not nearly as approachable.

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