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is it true that most "Traders" don't just cash out all at once, but gradually do so by "playing the market" , short selling over and over?

is that what is happening now? they sell, and then buy again after it falls a few percentage points and then sell again? over and over until it is ready to ride the "tidal wave"? and then buy again?

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    No, stock traders don't "cash out" at all, they continue "playing the market."

    And short selling means selling something you don't own, so it cant possibly be used to cash out of the stocks you do own.

    Sort selling can create a temporary price drop, but it's quickly followed by a rise in price because the traders are forced to buy the stock they shorted.

    Whats happening now is that because people won't wear a f**ing mask, it's not safe to go to stores or restaurants or many other businesses. The companies can't pay their dividends, so the stocks lose value.

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    Traders trade the markets, there's no such thing as "cashing out".   They follow the markets and always take what the market is giving them.  There is  no such thing as the "tidal wave".

    Selling short is part of trading,  traders carry positions whether they be long or short, as long as they trade within their authorized limits.  And all traders have limits whether they be financial or regulatory.

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  • Bryce
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    The big banks make money trading stocks.  Individual traders are the losers.

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