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Can I add a last name and take it off later?

Okay, so my mom didn't add my dad's last name to my name  and I do visit him daily and spend time with his family. So, one of my uncles from my dad's family is sickly and already wrote his will (he's rich) to give everyone in the family with his last name a quarter of a million dollars. The thing is, if I add my dad's last name just so I can get the money (I want to use it for college when my FAFSA money runs out) can I also take it off legally later on? If you're wondering, im already 19 so I don't need the consent of both parents. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can indeed change your last name and then change it back.  But you need to find out exactly what he means by 'with his last name'.  Does he mean everyone entitled to his last name including those who married and no longer have his name or does he mean everyone with his last name at the moment of his death including the wives of his children?  Does he mean those with his last name on their birth certificate (you can't change that) or will a legal name change do?  What document will you need to show?

    Ask your father for advice.  It would be a shame to go to all that expense and trouble only to find you did not qualify.

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