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Why Are My Family Stupid And Childish?

My family has been arguing with me about a bathroom.  They think I'm jumping in there, which I'm not by the way, because I'm 15, and not a baby anymore.  Now, the reason for arguing?  "The floor might break."  That is so stupid and ridiculous, I lose a brain cell every time I think about it.  Common sense should tell them that I wouldn't lie about that, in fact, I steal cookies and soda around the house and when they tell me if I'm stealing, I tell the truth.  What gain would I have to lie about something as stupid as this?  I think they need medical help, but of course, I'm 15, so there's nothing I can do.  I even tried to jump one time, and they didn't hear it, so it couldn't have been me.  Their best argument is the fact that the noise only happens when I'm in the bathroom, but that could be because I'm huge, 6 foot 2 and 200 pounds, or the fact that I stand up when I go.  My mom uses the toilet while sitting down, and my brother sits down as well because he's cripple.  I swear, the one thing that causes me stress are their pointless arguments.  Oh, and before you say "Reason with them,"  that won't work, because they are as reasonable as a multi million dollar company.  They have argued with me before, and it turned out I was right in all of them, but of course, this one stupid argument makes sense.  What a ******* joke.  I wish my family was smart.

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    tell them they need proof before they start accusing you of that

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    they might not be like that

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